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no, No, NO!!! We can’t afford a family trip this year.

June 20, 2012 54 comments

I am just so tired of having this conversation with my wife; I’m really losing sleep and productivity over it.  Our 10year anniversary is coming up in couple of months and she cannot focus on anything else other surfing all the travel websites.  We have a conference room setup in our house and we should be working-working, not surfing the web for vacation stuff.  Kids are sleeping, and she knows all the to-do items that need to be addressed before we even discuss anything related to fun.

It all comes down to the fact I didn’t give her the wedding honeymoon that she wanted.  I planned the honeymoon and I picked a quaint little town called Door County in Northeast Wisconsin.  It was ideal because it was close to home and I started a new task at work that needed my attention, ASAP.  It was a beautiful honeymoon and we have such beautiful memories from it.  The whole honeymoon became a problem on our 1 year anniversary.  She said, “You still owe me a honeymoon”.  To that I said, “Its honeymoon everyday in our householdJ” But she wasn’t feeling it L  So that forced me to take my 1st ever international trip out to Cancun for 7days.  The 2nd anniversary was more of the same with the added, “That last resort was pretty bad”.   So the 3rd anniversary we stayed in presidential suite that was big and lavish enough to house family of 10.  Things were quiet until the 5th anniversary.  Apparently I still owned her a honeymoon.  She said all the other ones didn’t count because it wasn’t on an island.  We ended up staying in a gorgeous hotel on the island of Cozumel for 14 days.

We now have 2 kids since the “last” honeymoon.  I’m working on family budget, business budgets, project timelines, design reviews, business proposals, & renderings, and what do I get from across the table?…”Honey, when are you going to give me the honeymoon you promised”.  I was so close to just blowing up at her.  All I did was look at her and not say anything.  She kept going on and on about how we needed a big family trip and how badly she wants to go to Hawaii or Europe for the honeymoon, which I still owed her.  I took a deep breath and told her we can’t afford it this year.  This is absolutely true because we have a double mortgage and our monthly spending has ballooned to 10 times what it normally should be.  Yes, you heard that right, 10times!!  The construction of the new house is draining all the money and I need to work more hours and days to make it all happen.  Since acquiring the new property, I’m working 7 days/week and I’ve been going to bed between 12am-2am, everyday.  I’m not whining or complaining here, I just want somebody to throw me a bone! But all I get is, you are too cheap, you are not participating in family activities, you still owe me a honeymoon, etc…

I feel like everything is so fragile right now, and my absence will cause a catastrophic collapse of all the intricate progress that I’ve been making for all the businesses and the new home.  All I need to do is continue the same routine, eat same type of food, & same exercise for next 9 months, and everything will be fine.

Baby, I love you but WE CAN’T AFFORD A FAMILY VACATION TO HAWAII THIS YEAR!! Is there a different way to say this? because this conversation is ready to blow up if it doesn’t get resolved real soon.  I’m definitely pushing my human limit everyday and stuff like this can really send any man over the edge…<sigh>


Need your opinion on a Home Design

May 7, 2012 46 comments


I need everybody’s opinion on this, PLEASE.  Please put on your “design hat” and “home buyer hat” and tell me what you think about these 3 designs, cost being same for all three houses.  Which one of these 3 homes would you buy, and why?

The exterior finish is a brown stucco.

Home #1



Home #2








Thanks for your input, you have no idea how much of a help this is 🙂

——————————————–updated 05/24/2012——————————–

Thanks for all the great input.  I definitely do not want this property to look like its owned by a drug cartel…lol.  I did like the comment about creating warm friendly and inviting looking house.  And definitely more modest looking 🙂









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The versatile blogger award

April 27, 2012 41 comments

versatile blogger award

Now here is something that doesn’t happen to me every day.  Went for a stroll the other day, came back, and this is what I found in my blogger inbox…lol.

I am actually very thrilled to receive this cool recognition because its from a fellow blogger whom I respect tremendously.  All his blogs are well thought out, humorous, and certainly inspirational.  Thank you “Mr. About me” for the nomination.  His blog address is:

Now on with the rules and requirements of this recognition:


VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


Okay, now it my turn to nominate 15 bloggers!  I am going to select bloggers based on the amount of impact they had on my blog.  If this award is new to you, then congratulations! you certainly earned it.  If you are so good and are familiar with these types of nominations/recognitions, well it is just another confirmation from one of your followers to re-affirm how good you are.  Here they are in no particular order.  <Drum roll please>:

1. Cookiemomma:
One of my most favorite bloggers bar none!! Lots of credit to cookiemomma for the dramatic evolution of my blog site.  Intelligent writer, thoughtful commenter, and she is going to make me a superstar among other moms at next kid’s b’day party.  Wait till I unleash my new learned knowledge on cakes and cookies, to rest of these soccer moms.  Oh and, yes, there is a big difference between a soccer mom and a cookiemomma 🙂
2. Fela2fela: 
This blogger’s  material is nothing like you’ve ever seen in the blog world.  It’s mostly based on random thoughts and dreams and it just pulls you in.  Many occasions when I read the blog, it stimulates my old memory bank in my head, and brings it out in full force.  You also got to pay attention to all the pictures with the stories because they intertwine so flawlessly.  This particular blog is my favorite story.  The mother’s reply is what adds to the “drama” of the story.
3. Yibeichen:
This blogger may not know this, but Yibei is my first follower and was also my 2000th customer to my site…lol.  Very creative with design and very smart.  This link is my favorite blog from Yibei’s site.  I found myself saying a mouthful on the comment section…lol

4. LifeWorthLiving:
I love underdog story, and what can you say about a gal that was singing “welcome to the jungle” with her daddy when she was small.  She has about one more month to go before being reunited with the love of her life. 

5. Mari Sanchez Cayuso:
Definitely a “heavy weight” when it comes to poetry writing.  Some of them are pretty intense and some will just relax you like warm summer breeze.  And all her comments are just as beautiful.

6. DianeO:
She just completed her 100 straight days of pretty impressive blogging.  They are all intended to be thought provoking and she has a very lively audience with good interactions.  She is a hippie sorta person and she recently wrote about her relationship with her very Republican father, and was just perfect.  

7. Ignitemenow:
This blogger has a style of writing that will charge you up every time you read it.  I often say it’s a direct replacement for my morning coffee.

8. Dana:
Soooo fun!  You can instantly get to know her really well by reading her blogs.  Fun, loving, daddy’s little girl, humorous, and currently the Queen of one liners 🙂  Visit her “favorite blog” page and you’ll see what she is all about.  Anybody that ever wrote bad response to her is an ass.

9. Stephanie Romero:
God only knows it’s difficult to understand and comprehend what can possible be going thought my wife’s head.  This blogger has some very wise advice and stories to help me be a more understanding husband.

10. JustWords:
I didn’t think it’s was possible to find somebody that loves camping more than I do.  Lots of great articles on outdoor related stuff and some bit of controversial stuff, but it’s all good.

11. Diane Henders:
An author, business owner, public speaker, gear head, computer nerd, Harley rider, car enthusiast, etc… are you kidding me? You think this person knows a thing or two about getting things done?  Truly inspirational and probably the next biggest celebrity I’ve known since Willie G. Davidson 🙂

12. Donna on Palawan:
I guess when you live in paradise and eat natural foods; you get the result you see on her webpage.  Can’t thank her enough for nudging me to write a letter to my wife.  As soon as I was done writing it, it just felt right.

13. Shawna:
Wonderful poet and a partner in crime to an awesome blogger that tagged me with all this.  Don’t know how she got left out of the original nomination but certainly deserving of it for sure.  You and your husband are wonderful people and your websites are a great reflection of your personalities.

14. Heart of a Mother’s prayers:
Another great blog to help me understand my wife better.  I think this blog caused me to give my wife some hugs, that I normally wouldn’t have done 🙂

15. xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken:
Recently stumbled on this gem of a writer.  Great interaction with followers and great material.  I’m tell you folks, this blogger is going places, I recommend jumping on the bandwagon early 🙂


7things about me

  1.  I was a stay home dad for about 1.5years and she threw me out.
  2. Best job I ever had: Project engineer for Harley Davidson motorcycles.  How cool is it to work side by side with Willie G. Davidson!
  3. Worst job I ever had: working at a local pet shop at $3.75/hr cleaning reptiles, rats, mice, creepy bugs.   I had to quit because I broke out into hives when I mishandled a giant rat and it got on my arm and started climbing up toward my head.  It was the only time I ever screamed like a little school girl.
  4. All the music I ever need to listen to fits nicely in 2 GB memory card.  Consists of Doo-wop, opera, heavy metal, southern rock, & oldies
  5. Got suspended from high school for almost burning it down, accidently.  It was a stupid science experiment gone wrong with other nerds.
  6. My driveway looks like a used car lot, and my garage looks like a bicycle store.
  7. If I wasn’t married I’d be playing video games and be completely worthless to the society. 
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Bloggers rules of engagement: standard procedure draft “A”

April 18, 2012 46 comments

Do commenters make you feel like this?

I love reading through other people’s blog, leave comments, and occasionally hit those like buttons.  But just like all things in life, you realize one size doesn’t fit all.  I came across a very powerful blog where the writer was venting off about some of the ways readers were interacting with this blogger’s website.  Let’s just hypothetically say his/her name is Rousseau.  Keep in mind, just because I’m referring to the blogger as Rousseau does not mean it’s necessarily a French sounding woman, because it can be any talented blogger, male or female.  I just picked that name after my favorite prime time TV series, LOST :).  Anyway, she was venting off regarding some “mediocre” comments left by one some of her readers and supposedly people hitting the like button when they didn’t even read anything.  I personally don’t care what viewers do when they come to my site, I’m still in shock that people swing by to look through my crap…lol.  But in her defense, she is a very good blogger and she probably gets ton of emails, comments, and the like hits.  She also had plenty of comments that supported her venting.

I tend to view everybody blog site like it’s his/her personal home.  I go into their home and I need to have a proper etiquette.  Every house may have its own variance and rules that may differ from other homes, but I must respect it.

I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to create a page dedicated to going over some “house rules” for guests.  It would be a sad situation if Joe Blow enters Rousseau’s blog page and leaves a comment about how good her title font is, hits the like button, and he gets blasted by her.  There is enough anger and resentment in this world as is, do we really need to create more?  If this “house rule” page can save the life of one Joe Blow from being blasted, it would be worth it!

Another reason to support the house-rule page, it can prevent the “throttle back condition” that may result.  For example, you want to leave somebody a comment, but you want to be cautious and not be the first one to comment on the topic.  Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the uncertainty before you start diving into somebody’s blog?

I don’t want to be political here but we are dealing with a political hot potato of “Pro choice vs., Pro restriction” 🙂

Do you think Rousseau’s assumptions should be common sense, or do you think some rules should be documented on the main page?  I would have loved to link Rousseau’s blog here, but I wasn’t sure if there are some release forms I need to fill out before I can do something like that.  During tough times like this, it’s better to “throttle back when you get near a door” than to be caught in a middle of a controversy 🙂

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**punk!**Larry J. of Reisterstown, MD won the mega millions jackpot in Maryland.

April 5, 2012 23 comments

**updated 4/10/2012**

Unfreakin believable!!  His email caused alot of hysteria because they all thought he would never joke around with anything like this.  Here are some of the things that happened to him as a result.

1.  Lost handful of facebook friends

2.  His boss acutally rode his bike out to his house to “rub elbow” with Larry.  I thought this was pretty funny that his boss, all of a sudden, wants to be buddy/buddy with him…lol.  I’m sure Larry won’t be getting his promotion anytime soon.

3.  He devastated a very close friend of his wife.  I didn’t know Larry emailed his wife’s friends, too.  This one is rather sad becasue her family is going through some rough fincial turmoil right now 😦

4.  He is officially off my Christmas card distribution list for this year.


Normally I can care less about who won lottery this and that, but how often do you get email saying your best friend just won the biggest lottery jackpot in history?  One of my best friends, Larry, sent out an email several days back telling us he is the winner of the recent mega million jackpot.  I want to post his email here, but I want to keep this blog short.  I emailed him back wished him well, and that he needs to pay for lunch next time.

Having said all that, here are my reasons why I think he really won:

  1.  He and I are lunch buddies, we eat out every day and I haven’t heard anything from him all this week. 
  2. We are also coffee buddies during weekdays.  Haven’t heard anything all week
  3. We talk almost every day on our way home from work.  Haven’t heard anything all week.
  4. He is one of the deacons at his church, a very reputable guy in his community.
  5. He is also the condo association president.  Again it makes him a very reputable guy in his community
  6. We typically talk to each other at least once over any given weekend.  I haven’t heard anything from him.
  7. He just is not a prankster kind of guy. 

It’s already Thursday and I haven’t heard ANYTHING from him.  I know he is not sick or at home, because he always emails me so I know when to bring lunch.  Like I said, I haven’t heard a peep from him all week.

Now, here is a reason why I don’t think he won the lottery.

  1.  He sent out the email on Sunday, April 1. 

If he did win the lottery, we are expected to go to 2012 Tour de France, without wife and kids…lol.  As of right now nobody has come forward with the winning ticket, and it’s almost lunchtime here and I still haven’t gotten anything from Larry.  If this is some sort of a big joke, 7 days is long enough, don’t you think?  Anyway, if he did win, you heard it here first.  If he did lie about this…

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Inches away from a really bad day…

March 22, 2012 14 comments

Warning1: Do not read this if you are eating/drinking something crunchy, slurry, brown, slimy, sticky, or chunky.

Warning2: Do not read this if you have weak stomach or have bad reaction to bugs.

I believe there is a fine line between a good day, bad day, and an average day.  My morning routine is the most crucial determinant for predicting rest of the day.  Why? Because it sets the pace.  I’m a firm believer in starting out very strong in the morning and trying to keep that momentum going for rest of the day.  It’s always easier to maintain things in motion vs. trying to get something going from static.

Following my usual morning routine at the office, I entered the bathroom one way and came out on the other end.  As I walked out of the bathroom, I nearly stepped on this giant abomination of an organism called a Cockroach!!  I was only merely few inches from having it abdominal slurry plastered on bottom of my dress shoe, with its juice and slime getting between all the crevices on the sole!!

Once you see something this grotesque, your mind just starts spinning out of control.  I’m looking at the open ceilings where these roaches are cruising up and down the plumbing line all day, and heaven forbid one fell off and landed on back of my neck, and went down my shirt!

I safely made it back to my desk and it dawned on me, I was, literally and figuratively, inches away from having a really bad day.  If I would have stepped on this thing it would have completely shut down my momentum and probably would have set the tone for a bad day.

Isn’t life risky? Well, I hope you have a nice day 🙂

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Children’s book review : Toto the cloud dog

January 21, 2012 8 comments

This is my first children’s book review based on a great book I just read to my two boys, 5 and 3. My wife and I read plenty of children’s book to them but for some reason this one book stands out above all other books I’ve read to them. The book is called “Toto the Cloud Dog” by C. Nicholas and it’s on books. This book is interesting to me because it can be read in couple of different ways. Your kids will interpret it as a cute fluffy dog doing good deeds around the world. You will interpret it as something bit more serious. If you ever suffered loss of a family dog, or pet, this book will strike a chord with you.

My kids love this book because illustration is bright and characters are fun. Story starts out with Toto, the main character, being abused by a naughty kid. Toto gets rescued by a good boy who takes really good care of Toto. At some point Toto is struck with illness and is in pretty bad shape. What happens next is really interesting and there is a twist here. Your children will see it as Toto eventually getting better and helping out other animals around the world. Parents will realize Toto is dying while there is some “behind the scene” stuff going on with the higher power. Toto eventually do die and becomes an angel. I got really choked up here because I did lose a family dog some time ago and it was bitter sweet reading this book to my boys. So anyway, according to my interpretation, Toto becomes an angel and starts helping out other animals around the world.

I love the fact this book is written with a strong Christian value. If you are offended by Christmas, this book is not for you. I will definitely keep this book handy for the future. I want my kids to read it again, for the first time, when they are older. It will be interesting to hear their reaction when they realize what is really going on. Its intelligent writing, very thoughtful, and the author clearly loved his dog.

So in conclusion, this is a great book if you love dogs or you just love animals, and especially if you recently lost a loving pet.

I would like to award these books as being the best of the best children’s books for my kids,

1.  Best classic children’s book category: All the Margaret Wise books.

2.  Best behavior teaching book category: Rainbow fish

3.  Best children’s dog book category: Toto the Cloud dog

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