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Blogger recognition – all rolled up

February 8, 2013 72 comments

9911fan Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpeg moonbeam the-sunshine-award

Getting a WordPress endorsed nomination is great for obvious reasons.  But I also take huge pride in getting my blog recognized by any blogger that thinks I’m, at minimum, a descent blogger.  And then there is a fan recognition where I am recognized as one of the notable followers.  All these are personal, thoughtful, and its like a virtual ‘pat on the shoulder’.  You folks are magnificent and I want to let you know I am so thankful for every mention and recognition you give me.

I’m going to start this ceremony with the best recognition I have ever gotten in my little blogging career.

Purpleowltree1234 gave me this personal, custom, hand-crafted #1 fan award, and this was my initial reaction back to her and her team.
“I……LOOOOOOVE…..THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the nicest thing any blogger friend has done for me. “

There is nothing that makes you more welcome in someone else’s blog home than entering with your shiny #1fan award  I like to read about hardship and how people overcome tribulations;  Rach is living through perpetual tribulations.  I follow her blog very closely because she needs to succeed.  Not only for her own sake, but I think she has a much greater calling to help out many many more who are suffering every day, with no end in sight.  She is one of the warmest friendliest people you will meet, she is also one of the most creative people you will ever meet.  Great thanks to Rach and her team, I now have new appreciation for

Its fair to say, this is going to be sitting on the highest position in my blog mantle column!

Science and space inspired Sunshine blogger award from astronomy science

Moonbeam Mcqueen awarded me with her book, it’s a wonderful short read from an intelligent odd-funny-creative writer 🙂

Reconstructingchristina somehow got hold of a video of me back when I was in college, and she put it up on her website and gave me the

Terry with 2012 blogger award, 1

Nutsfortreasure recognized me for blogger 2012 #2.  Big rig truck driver, nature lover, and a blogger.  Lots of great stories and pictures here.  This is a real personal story that has some contrast to all the awesome pictures.

Terry1954 recognized me for Blogger 2012, 3

Oh and the person that sent me the get well e-card during my 2012 3month absence.  Thanks and good guess on being sick, I came down with poison ivy and it was a mess!  Please send me your blog address so I can appropriately link it here.

I’m sending out my bundled re-recognitions to all the people mentioned above as well as these folks below.

1. Russell Deasley: my wife and I like to visit his website for cheap alternative to Friday date night. All his “top 10 lists” are well thought out and researched, you will find yourself spending lot of time in his website. You’ll see why here,

2. greeneyesmom: If you are a fan of art, humor, & interaction you have to start following this blogger. Check out her artwork and this analysis on why women go to bathroom in herd, rather than individually.

3. BadPlaydate: she loves her children and her Check it out because its funny, its got kids, and all the craziness that’s associated with parenting.

4. Sarin another fun international friend, but this one is out of Pakistan…cool.:

5. lexiesnana : can you tell I love blogs on family and kids. Well, this is about grandkids and wonderful grandparents.

6. Blue Giraffe image: he is well on his way to using his creativity and hobby in photography to have little fun and make extra money. Please go congratulate him on his first 3sales and his awesome new car. He says he bought it from the insurance money, but I think his photo sales has been better than he is telling the

7. Cristi M: this guy recently achieved over 300,000 hits on his website!! Always inspirational

8. Pennycoho: a wise owl and a sensei. This one is easy, just click on her link on the left, hit the follow button on her page, and thank me later.

9. Writestar: Along cam Alligator: recently wrote a piece about losing his wife and it makes you realize how precious marriage is. Thanks Stan

11. Aewl This is where he puts down his material, its very original and its simply whats on his mind.

12. Cometojesusmoments: who can’t use little bit of Jesus every now and then. He has great sense of humor and offers great feedback on a any given topic.

13. Peakperspect: an obvious dog lover. Would you believe his dog’s ears perk up at the moment someone thinks the word ‘bacon’ lol. I had good laugh on that one.

14. Star on the forehead: a super blogger with a super star on her forehead, just like wonderwoman. Fellas, you need to try this experiment. Put on a santa suit and offer to fix her flat tire 🙂

15. You jiving me turkey: great photos. If you are interested in who would win between the Marvel’s Incredible hulk vs. DC’s doomsday

16. Charmaine Gordon: wonderful author & a loving grandmother with life stories that will capture your imagination

17. Ounitproduction: lots of great photos here with things that will make you go hmmm.

18. Persecutionofmildreddunlap:Her husband started his blog career on my site and ended it on my site, too

19. Xo-ortiz: opinionated, kind hearted, and loves her car

20. Cultfit:I know he can be stealthy, but he is out there…

21. Veronicaesiste:Beautiful young lady with big personality and a humongous heart. Why can’t our youth be more like her?

22. H.stern:Just trying to survive out there like the rest of us

23. Justwriteaway: lots of great quotes can be found here.

And of course… Serene scribe, yibei, Stephenedwards425, cookiemom, & fela

Thank you all for your creativeness, inspirations, amazing photos, and support.

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Recognitions from my fellow bloggers

June 11, 2012 66 comments

I’ve been putting this off for some time now.  Finally taking little break from my daily tasks and do some “blog-keeping”.  To the ones that recognized me, I apologize for such a long delay, but I want you to know you made my day and thank you for the motivation!

I received 4 recognitions from following bloggers:


I’m going to do something different with the nomination.  I will nominate a specific blog rather than a specific blogger.  If you are not familiar with any of these bloggers, please check out these specific blogs, it’s pretty awesome.

NOTE: all these good blogs are nominated for “Versatile Blogger award” or “One Lovely blogger award”


So you think you have it rough, you lost over $250k trading EBay stock, you whine about your life in these “occupy” type of gatherings, you got beat up in school, somebody stole your lunch money…Waa Waa Waa, cry me a river and go read about this blog.


What can you say about this selfless blogger that recently was blessed with Freshly-pressed status.  She responded to every single comment left by the mass! I know she worked countless hours/days/ and sacrificed her own health to give back to her readers.  I’m proud to be her friend and I am fortunate I get to read another freshly press worthy blog from her.


He has a really creative line in here that goes something like this, “drive by” (shooting up prayers for him as I drove by the house),..”  That is T-shirt and bumper sticker worthy statement!  He better copyright this and start making some bumper stickers.


Don’t be messin’ with this ranger momma!  An officer that loves her Glock, Blizz-con/Comic-con nerd, history buff, and a cooking genius.  Oh and her latest published article about a nostalgic music store.


It is a beautiful blog about a handicapped brother and his loving sister.  If you like reading about selfless act, sacrifice, and overcoming tough obstacles you should check this out.


Blog site about Abba, Fedor, Mike Tyson & the Axe murderer….nuff said!


Best Mother’s day blog for 2012.  Thanks Stephanie


This one hit close to home because it brought out my engagement memory that I forgot about.


Tour de France is less than 3weeks away and this is where you get your cycling updates!! The tour is only 1 of 2 sports I follow and it’s always a treat to see them come around once a year like.


“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.”


Very cool photo blogger who shows lots of passion for his hobby.  Lots of pictures you don’t see every day, about another country.


Normally she is a happy & energetic person, but I think she was feeling little down on this particular day.  I was very sad to learn of her health condition at such young age of 21.  But at the end of the day, I know she will keep on truckin’ along and get that dream Dodge of her’s 🙂


Cool picture of 6’4” biker lady, on heels, with even cooler fanny pack (bum pack if you are Brit) to match!


What is your option when you miss church on Sunday? Very easy, you check out Sean’s blog


Photo blogger that has blessed me with lots of “like” button hits.  I appreciate the support and I enjoy his creative photos!


Powerful inspirational writer.  Here he talks about a topic on accountability and it’s perfectly done with a really good lead in.  What can you say about a guy that’s signs off with “Be encouraged!”


Another nostalgic topic, this time about my magical year as a stay-home-dad.  I guess retirement will come before I get that opportunity again.


I will man up and just say it, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong.   A lady leaves her husband who has passion for bridges…what man doesn’t like bridges? I assumed one way because her ex reminds me of me and my buddies, but I was completely wrong.  She is a brave lady and I feel like an ass 😦


Some random things about me

  1.  I’m a big fan of MMA, just wish it was on regular free TV for all the major matches.
  2. I have a secret collection of McDonald’s Beanie baby collection, sealed in original case.  It was PURELY for future investment purpose!
  3. My wife and I LOVE playing Rock Band in the basement when kids are sleeping
  4. I would love to have a daughter, but a fear of ending up with 3 boys is just unthinkable.
  5. Favorite beer is Miller Genuine draft….its Miller time, really, right now 🙂
  6. Favorite food is spaghetti with meatballs, not the one giant meatball kind but about 5 or so smaller meatball kind, and LOTS of garlic.
  7. My ultimate dream cars are Volvo c303(urban assult vehicle) and Factory 5 GTM(Ferrari killer).  Almost had the Volvo within grasp until my wife threatened to leave me with both our children 😦
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