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When a bear falls from the sky…lol

May 15, 2012 25 comments
funny bear fall

picture of bear falling off a tree

It’s hard not to love funny animal picture.  I came across this one and it was just unbearably funny to me, so I framed it as such…hahaha.  I thought everybody can use a quick laugh this morning. 

Check out his extension and his elegant form! Judges are going wild over the near perfect fall, for a bear.

Note: The way I understand it, this bear went up a tree at some university.  Cops came, shot him with a tranquilizer, and it fell safely on a bear-sized mattress.  Parents, please don’t ever buy a bear costume for your college student…lol

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Inches away from a really bad day…

March 22, 2012 14 comments

Warning1: Do not read this if you are eating/drinking something crunchy, slurry, brown, slimy, sticky, or chunky.

Warning2: Do not read this if you have weak stomach or have bad reaction to bugs.

I believe there is a fine line between a good day, bad day, and an average day.  My morning routine is the most crucial determinant for predicting rest of the day.  Why? Because it sets the pace.  I’m a firm believer in starting out very strong in the morning and trying to keep that momentum going for rest of the day.  It’s always easier to maintain things in motion vs. trying to get something going from static.

Following my usual morning routine at the office, I entered the bathroom one way and came out on the other end.  As I walked out of the bathroom, I nearly stepped on this giant abomination of an organism called a Cockroach!!  I was only merely few inches from having it abdominal slurry plastered on bottom of my dress shoe, with its juice and slime getting between all the crevices on the sole!!

Once you see something this grotesque, your mind just starts spinning out of control.  I’m looking at the open ceilings where these roaches are cruising up and down the plumbing line all day, and heaven forbid one fell off and landed on back of my neck, and went down my shirt!

I safely made it back to my desk and it dawned on me, I was, literally and figuratively, inches away from having a really bad day.  If I would have stepped on this thing it would have completely shut down my momentum and probably would have set the tone for a bad day.

Isn’t life risky? Well, I hope you have a nice day 🙂

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Best dog video

February 25, 2012 9 comments

I can’t explain why I can’t get enough of this video.  It makes me cry with laughter every time..hahaha.

If you want to laugh, this will do it every time.
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