CV boot repair using Techi patch

Decided to create automotive section in my blog to help folks save some money with their car repair.  I have a page dedicated to it at

Feel free to ask me any question regarding your car, I love hearing bout it :)

In this tutorial I will show you how to fix, or repair, your damaged cv boot.  This is something I just did today on my truck.  CV boot repair is MANDATORY if you see any damage on it.  Prolonged driving with damaged boot will result in loss of steering control of your vehicle.  A damaged CV boot will usually have signs of “leaking” grease near and around the damage (see figure above).  A traditional repair at the shop will run you about $200-$500 to remove the axle and to replace the damaged boot.  If you want to save some money, and the boot damage isn’t so bad, you got two options. 

  1.  Split boot option
  2. Techi cv boot repair kit

I’ve used split boot option before, and its piece of JUNK.  Do not waste your money on this messy worthless piece of crap.  It will spring a leak soon enough and it is really messy.

Techi cv boot repair kit is pretty nice, and its really easy.  I got it from Amazon:

You might have to use brake cleaner to get off most of the grime and grease off the cv boot, before you start the patching process.  I did make a mistake of lifting the vehicle at the vehicle lift point.  This causes the cv to bend at extreme angle and you can’t patch around it.  You have to lift it at the knuckle to make it horizontal.  So basically level it, clean it, and patch it.  I did 2 applications of compound “B”, and I finished it in less than 30min.  I also found a really helpful video on the web at:

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