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Prayer request is conflict of interest…not.

March 27, 2012 8 comments

Blogging definitely has strange affect on me, its one area where I feel I’m really disorganized.  It kind of feels like work, but not really.  It kind of feels personal, but not really.  Just when I think I’m going to write on something specific, I end up writing about stuff that’s complete opposite.  That is the case today.  I was all set to write about DLP vs. Plasma vs. Led TV, and I get a thought provoking comment from another talented blogger who, again, has better About-me page than me.  So, if you were planning on purchasing a big screen TV today you should probably wait a few days, and you can blame Mz.Autumn for the delay…lol 

I’m a different person now, but I used to get really awkward when somebody prayed for me.  In fact, I made it known to all my friends and family to never to pray for me under any situation, when there are other needy people who can better benefit from someone’s prayer.  My logic was this, and I still wonder about its validity, God can probably gather up all the prayers, every day.  All these prayer requests are in a form of a raw data, because it needs to be post processed to mean anything.  The processing procedure probably consists of going through all the data, combing through all the requests, and making them all work with each other and other events around the universe.  He probably needs to trim the ones that are not as important, or ones that may interfere with whatever conflict he sees. 

I’ve always been pretty good about taking care of things/people around me, and I never ever consider myself needy under any circumstances.  In other words, there are less fortunate people around the world that are in direr situation than me.  This kind of thinking made me feel really guilty and selfish for accepting someone’s prayer.  I felt like I was a billionaire and I’m accepting charity money from other people.  I would often say, if you have the energy, faith, or money, please go help them instead. 

Wouldn’t it be lot more efficient for God, if he did not receive prayer request that wasn’t urgent? It will be less data for him to go through.  And of course I feel bad, because somebody else around the world is missing out on his share of prayer request, because I’ve taken up that spot. 

I know all this data processing stuff sounds crazy, but remember, God made us in image of him.  There has got to be some kind of complicated process to go through all the prayers he receives every day.

So why did my opinion change, you ask? I came to another conclusion.  God probably has a lot of employees up there.  Can you imagine a perfect corporation run by a perfect owner and perfect employees, making perfect products?  An ideal perfect organization will have no issue going through all its customer/client requests.  Hopefully they’ll look out for the ones that believe in their product, first J 

Keep all those prayers comin’ folks!

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