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God, cucumber, & lottery ticket

March 6, 2012 13 comments

One of my favorite bloggers spurred me to write on this topic so, here—we—- go.  Tackling topic on God, I hope I don’t mess this up.

I think a lot about random topics, as most bloggers do.  I especially like the, “how did we get here…” question.  I was an atheist pretty much all throughout my life, until I finally graduated with my engineering degree and started living on my own.  I used to torment fellow college students who were faithful to God and I tried my hardest to make them feel bad.  It went something like this, “You belong to Christian Fellowship group?” “Hmm, you must be a hypocrite and a fool!”

I had what I call a cucumber moment when I lived out in Iowa for couple of years.  When you are out there all you do is muse because there is absolutely nothing else to do.  I am your typical guy.   I’m messy, I keep rotting things in a refrigerator, all my cooking involves the George Foreman grill, etc…  One day my mother came to visit me and helped me clean out the apartment and the fridge.  My mother discovered big pool of “mucus” in the vegetable drawer, she was clearly disgusted.  I stared at it for a while and realized that used to be a fresh healthy cucumber.  But also, it finally dawned on me, that pool of mucus will never be anything better than its current condition of “pool of crap”.    I don’t care if I stare at the thing for 20+million years, it’s NEVER going to turn into a frog, fish, potato, or a toad.  I convincingly believed it doesn’t matter if you kiss it, spit at it, mix it with other rotting juice, it will never ever turn into a “prince”.  How could I have believed such a fairy tale to be true, when it was so obvious it wasn’t?  Princess and the Toad story will always remain a fairy tale story.   

It became pretty easy to apply some logic after I was convinced about the state of the cucumber.  I asked myself what is the most reasonable thing to believe?  What makes better sense?  It’s either 1.  God exists, or 2.  That Pool-of-crap will someday, in the distant future, will fly in the air with feathers.

With those to two possible assumptions I get four possible outcomes:

1.  God really exists and I believe in God.

2.  God really exists, but I believe the Pool-of-crap will fly someday.

3.  God doesn’t exist but I believe in God

4.  God doesn’t exist and I believe the Pool-of-crap will fly someday.

If scenario 1 is true, congratulations, you are going to heaven.

If scenario 2 is true, you are in for a world of hurt.  That last divorce where your spouse wiped you out is nothing, compared to what is about to happen.

If scenario 3 is true, you basically wasted time going to church, some money, and some time.  But I’m willing to bet people waste more time and money by sitting through bad TV shows/movies/parties, etc…  (Can somebody please put Kardesians & Jersey Shore out of their misery?)

If scenario 4 is true, I guess you will die an optimized death, with minimal resources wasted.

Being a good person is a very hard work, it’s not easy resisting temptations on a daily basis, but it’s one of the requirements of going to “heaven”.  We all know, the other requirement is to believe, which I feel is the easier of the two requirements.  What I’m implying is this; you are already doing the hardest part of the requirements anyway.  Why not just take a chance on believing and see what happens in the end?  When you invest this HEAVILY on yourself, you do want a good return in the end.  If you are this good person, there are two possible outcomes.  1.  If there is God, you will be very well rewarded.  2.  If there is no God, it won’t even matter because if you die, you simply remain dead.  If you are going to gamble don’t you want to put it into something that may have some reward in the end?  versus putting money on something with ZERO chance of any positive reward.


 I see this “believe/non believe issue” like a lottery ticket. 

Let’s say you are only allowed to purchase one very special lottery ticket from a store 15miles away.  It costs a $1 to play for $1million, but your chance of winning is 50/50.  Do you commit? 

In conclusion(2),

 Assuming you are a good person.

Let’s say you are given a chance to believe in God at a church roughly 15miles away.  It costs very minimal in tides to participate for infinite happiness, but your chance of winning is 50/50.  Do you commit?

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